pump overrun

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    Position of pump in sealed multizone CH system

    In a sealed multizone CH system, does it matter whether the pump is between the pressure vessel and the boiler or whether the pressure vessel is between the pump and the boiler? (On the hot side in all cases) I know it matters in an open vent system but not sure in a sealed system. Thanks in...
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    Boiler pump running when no heat being called for

    I'm finding that occasionally the boiler pump will be running when no radiator is calling for heat (and the boiler is outputting none). I havent really timed it, but its just for a few minutes I think. Its not directly after heat has been called, but seemingly at random. Do some boilers run it...
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    Ideal Logic+ Boiler- Pump Overrun

    Hi, My ideal Logic+ boiler keeps displaying pump overrun while it is meant to be heating. I've read in other places this is a normal function when the heating has been on and has just stopped. However, for me it keeps appearing during the time the boiler is meant to be on. The radiators...
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    Valliant Pump Overrun s.07

    Hi hoping someone can help... I have a valliant ecotech plus 637 installed in a refurbished property. The boiler will not heat the radiators as it keeps cycling to code S.07 pump overrun as the temperature shown on the boiler display rises from 40degrees c to 80 in the space of a few minutes...
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    Programmer / Timer replacement on an old boiler . Pump over run needed

    I wonder if anyone is able to help. I have a ServoWarm Elite 50 Boiler . it is over 30 years old , and is extremely reliable and has never really broken down. This is a simple hot water boiler system . with a pump and thermostat all in the housing. there is no room thermostat. so all it does is...