1. PolkadotFish

    LPG boiler works, Heat Store doesn't. Also, Smart pumps?

    Tl;dr: Heating works with LPG boiler. Has stopped working with biomass heat store. Also, how to upgrade to smart TRVs/pumps on this system. Where to start? First an admission: I'm inclined to overcomplicate things. Hopefully the combined brains of DIYnot will help me identify the simpler...
  2. E

    Getting water from ground level to loft water tank

    My idea is to have filtered rainwater, pumped from a ground level tank up (8 meters) to the cold water tank in the loft. With the idea of having a raised float system to top the tank up before the mains water float kicks in. Ensuring the inlet for the mains water is above the water line as per...