pyronix euro 46

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    Multiple Bells on Pyronix Euro 46

    Hello all, It’s been a long while since I fitted an alarm out, I’m usually sat behind a computer screen programming CCure - but anyway a family friend has asked for an alarm on their business. They want 4 bell boxes for some crazy reason, can this be done on a euro 46? If so how would you go...
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    Pyronix Euro 46 V10 Hybrid Panel Small - KX10DP and DeltaBellX Help?

    I am in the process of replacing my old out of date wired alarm system with the Pyronix Hybrid Euro46 Small V10 (Grade2) Control Panel and Wired PIRs ( Pyronix KX10DP ) and Wired Pyronix DeltaBell X Module But on wiring up the PIRs I have come to a problem with the instructions that came in the...
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    Pyronix Enforcer v EURO 46 v HKC - help please

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a pro alarm install with self monitoring and optional annual maintenance contract to replace an existing alarm. But the choice is not easy. Quotes provided offer three options: 1. Pyronix Enforcer 2. Pyronix Euro46 3. HKC 10270 My requirement: Wireless: - 2 Door...
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    Does Pyronix Panel 'Clean Start' De-register a panel from Cloud account?

    Hi folks, I have a friend with an Pyronix Euro 46 panel connected to Pyronix cloud through a small alarm company. He wants to take control of the panel himself but the company refuse to release the system from their cloud account as he is under contract. I have a fair amount of experience...
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    Pyronix PCX 46L Control panel Configuration

    Hello everyone. . i have PCX 46L Control panel and accessories PCX-LCD keypad, KX15DD Wired detector And wireless devices PIR kx12dq & Delta bell but when I do learn devices I can't find wired devices (Detector ) any one can give idea how to fix this issues ? where to connect panic button on...
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    Pyronix Euro 46 and smoke detectors

    Hi All, I have wired 12v smoke detectors into my Pyronix Euro 46 panel and configured then as fire in the inputs. Currently when the smoke detector triggers the alarm panel , internal speaker and external sounder all go off. Anyone know if and how I can configure the fire inputs so it doesn't...