raised patio

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    Raised patio and steps

    Hi I am planning on making a raised patio with steps up to the back living room (external door due to be fitted) in my garden. I have a few question I hope you can help with: 1) How could I create these 3/4 steps down to the patio from the back living room without breaching the damp proof...
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    Help with building a large raised patio for less

    What is the cheapest/easiest way to build a 3m by 10m patio that stands 50cm to 60cm high on uneven clay ground? I plan to lay 600x900 or 600x600 paving slabs on top. I have planning approval for a raised patio. Some options I have considered are a hardcore base with concrete poured on top...
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    beam and block raised patio advice needed?

    Hi everyone - trawled for info but finding slim pickings...I need to build an elevated patio behind a house on a hill to allow level wheelchair access out into the garden. It can't be deck (horrible to travel on...shakes all your fillings loose :)!) so i want to lay slabs (probably Indian...