randall 922

  1. L

    Randall 922 replacement

    Can anyone suggest a replacement for the Randall 922 that could be replaced by a novice diy-er? Boiler is still going strong. Boiler Ideal Icos has had new PCB board, spark plug and generator and fan over the last few years but the timer bit seems a bit tempremental. Hoping something is...
  2. Matthewsflower

    Hive Install

    I've read several threads on here about Hive installs, seems to be a fairly popular DIY job! I've also watched a few YouTube videos -and decided I would buy: https://www.screwfix.com/p/hive-active-heating-hot-water-thermostat/5215j?_requestid=284429 This may be a stupid question but want to...