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    Closing window cavity

    Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some advice on how to proceed with finishing off our windows. We had windows changed and moved forward so they sit flush with the outside wall. We’re left with cavity on the inside, which mostly have battens in the cavity gap (left, right and top side)...
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    Low-profile or Flush Door Handles for Deep Reveals

    I have a pair of doors which open back against deep reveals. Fully open, ordinary handles would prevent the doors laying flush against the reveals. In fact they would make the doors stand quite proud of the reveals. So, I need flush or low-profile (12, maybe 18mm) door handles on that side of...
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    Window and Patio door reveal damp problems

    I recently bought a 1930 semi detached property with cavity walls which had new DG windows and patio doors installed 7 years ago (10 year warranty still valid). I am having two separate but linked issues: - Severe dampness and mould along right side of patio door (attached image ). There is...
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    Door frame not weatherproof

    I had this door put in but it was all a bit ad hoc so the door reveal was too wide and some add-on pieces were put on (I don't know what the correct term for them is). The interior emulsion is starting to spot with mold along the inside of the frame so obviously it isn't sealed. I think the...