right to light

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    45/60 degree rules (right to light)

    hi all, quick question: I'm reading about the right to light rule of thumb when applying for planning permission and there's a lot of contradictory information out there. can anyone help with two questions? 1. I read that for single story extensions, the 60 degree rule applies. for two stories...
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    do I need PP for the new pitched roof over existing extension

    Hi, I am in process of replacing my existing flat roof with new pitched roof. After much thought, apex type pitched roof will be best option for this kind of structure. It is for kitchen extension at the back of the property. Photo attached. Following are the measurements: Length (from the...
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    Advice please for a rejected planning application

    I have recently had my plans rejected with the reason given that my side extention would be an infringement of the 45degree right to light from a study window in my neighbours property. My neighbours have not rejected the application and their window is mostly blocked by some large bushes which...