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    Insulating block outbuilding (Man Cave)

    Hi, After some advice / assurance of the method Im'm looking at meets some of the 'best practice' for insulating a single brick wall ensuring (if done correctly) shouldn't be any issues surround damp etc. Any advice would be appreciated or just a "yes sounds fine" or "Nooooo" :D I propose to...
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    Garden brewery/workshop shed - best insulation option?

    Hi all. I've been reading and re-reading articles on shed insulation and am now totally confused. I'm building a workshop/brewery shed down the end of the garden - 3.5x4.5m. Plan is to build a 2x4 pressure treated timber frame on three courses of bricks to get the frame and cladding off the...
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    Insulating eaves of existing loft conversion

    Firstly I apologise for the length of the query. I have been reading various forums and have found myself increasingly confused and thought I’d get all the information down in one place. As with all DIY queries my case is subtly different to all the others I have already read about on line! I’m...