roof valley

  1. M

    Lead valley detail

    We are having an extension built and I have concerns over the end of the valley. The roofer is leaving the lead valley unsupported to the right of the photo and wants me to install facia board to cover up this detail. Any advice? Thanks, Martin
  2. M

    Roof valley & guttering

    Our roof valley is quite steep and water overshoots the guttering, builder says it’s ok, I’m worried about damp issues, what can be done to remedy?! Will post pics in daylight
  3. Fishwalker

    Advice needed before hiring a roofer...

    Hi Not sure if anyone on here can help but we need a roofer to do several repairs to our 1912 mid terrace with a valley. It had a new roof put in roughly 16 years ago with a Velux window. The main problems are: a long horizontal damp patch along the landing ceiling that separates the landing...