rotten wood

  1. B

    "Rising Damp" at Slab Floor Perimeter

    We have just lifted up the floor in our dining room to investigate the cause of rotting skirting boards in our new home... What we have found is a floating floor construction consisting of a plastic sheet, concrete slab, insulating foam, and then chipboard beneath thick underlay with carpet on...
  2. C

    Can I replace rotten wood below french doors with air bricks?

    We have a small wooden strip below our French doors on the outside which has rotted with small holes appearing. This strip is approx. 9cm tall. Behind it is an open gap underneath our floorboards.Can I strip this wood out and replace it with air bricks? Or we have some leftover black PVC panels...
  3. Fishwalker

    Advice wanted on work done to alliviate damp

    Hi I've posted in the trade talk forum the following link, but am being asked there to ask in this forum, about whether it is fine that the replacement 'packing wood' 'pan wood' installed between the physical damp course and bricks above, is a remedy to resolve the rising damp we have in a...