rubber seal

  1. bettz1

    Changing upvc patio door gaskets

    Hi past few years I've noticed our patio doors seem to let a draft in I've tightened up the keeps messed with the hinges outside etc and they have improved but you can still feel the cold in the bottom corner. Noticed the rubber gaskets on the doors look a bit worn although the house is 9 years...
  2. W

    Windows Rubber Seal Replacement - Outer Seal Only or Inner Also?

    Daft question I know, but I only have a a small amount of rubber seal left, obviously I should buy more, but wonder if all windows have 2 seals, and if so which is the most important to replace? I expect the external seal is more important to replace, due to this would be where the weather gets...
  3. S

    Replacing sealed units in aluminium sashes with rubber seals

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some advise on how to replace the sealed units in my double glazed aluminium vertically sliding sash windows. I've already bought the new spiral hangers, so I will be taking the sashes out to change them and was hoping to change out the broken sealed units too...