1. T

    Rust in thermostatic shower filter

    Hi I’m having problems with a luke warm thermostatic mixer shower. Here’s what I know- It can be hot for 20 seconds then goes to luke warm and won’t heat again. The taps work fine however take a moment to get hot again after the shower has been used. I have had a pressure valve fitted but not...
  2. C

    Paint manhole cover

    I want to keep a manhole cover on our drive looking good. Can I paint it to stop it rusting and what would you recommend?
  3. M

    Rusty galvanised metal sheeting, how to treat and paint

    I've some kind of fascia boards fitted to a shed that previous owner had made, glav sheet with a bend, as the gutter had been leaking for ages, there are rust stains in quite a few places. I would like to have a blast at painting them, now I've fixed the guttering. What would be the best way...
  4. fordfocus2003

    Rusty Nails On Fence Panels. Rust Inhibiting Primer or Hammerite Direct To Rust before Cuprinol?

    Hello! I'm hoping for some help as I've been going round in circles working out what to do. I had some new Featheredge Forest Garden fence panels last summer. I fitted them in the garden and left them for the winter to settle in before planning to treat them with Cuprinol Garden shades paint...