screed floor

  1. kminbuildinghell

    Floor disaster

    Wondering if anyone could shine some light om my flooring? Ive got amtico spacia, ontop of an electrical ufh system which has been set into a screed. Its been done by a professional but after 2 weeks the floor started bubbling, and the mat that the cables sit in has buckled in several areas of...
  2. D

    Do you need subbase/sub base and sand under a screed kitchen floor?

    Hi! We were quoted for a floor to be smashed up and replaced with a new floor. The estimate described there being a sub base, sand then DPC, insulation and 65mm fibre screed. We were away the day it was prepped for the screeder, but when we had a peek under the dpc just before the screeder...
  3. J

    Screed on unknown asphalt/cement mix 1930. What to use

    I have removed my old finish floor board and came across some type of asphalt/cement mix slab 90mm thick. Black colour As this is a little bit uneven and would like to have a finish level all around the ground floor I have started to get someone to quote me for a screeding. I never thought...
  4. P

    Lowering a screeded floor with underfloor heating

    I know nothing about building. At all. Our new orangery floor with underfloor heating was screeded a month ago. The lift and slide doors were put in today and fit flush with the screed. But the vinyl tiles are going to add 5mm to the height of the floor leaving a trip hazard at all the doors...