self build

  1. SpaceWorm

    Garage Conversion Wall & Floor Construction Details

    Hello All, I am planning to convert a detached, 1960's, brick-built (singe-skin with piers) garage with a pitched, tiled roof into a new kitchen-diner and connect it to the existing house with a nice walkway with plenty of glass. The garage is approximately 3.5x6.0m. I am planning to construct...
  2. C

    Temporary Living Accommodation...

    We're planning a self-build, but need temporary on-site accommodation as I will be the main contractor. There will be 2 of us living there and we have plenty of room away from the main build (half acre plot). Unfortunately, due to difficult access, a caravan would need to be craned in, so will...
  3. SBara

    Made a wine shelf

    We make some of our own wine. I made a shelf for storing bottles.
  4. M

    Space for a brickie

    Im planning a self build extension (first time doing anything like this) with some help from my dad who has done some self builds himself doing as much of the work as he could getting trades in when needed. I have drawn the plans and written the regs for the extension myself, which have been...
  5. giznorm

    Another Garden Room - big ambitions and humble beginnings

    Hi all, After years of hanging around this site, I finally have a big enough project of my own to share. I am building a garden room (yes... it's another garden room post) with a view to discovering if I can learn enough skills to eventually build my own timber frame house extension (which I...
  6. pilsbury

    48sqm kitchen extension. £30k all in

    So here it is; my side kitchen extension project from start to finish (almost). I had considered posting incremental bits and bobs but felt it more worthwhile just to get it done and post in its entirety. Hopefully some other budding DIYers will find it of use and hopefully those who have taken...
  7. Z

    This what a self-built vehicle can do!

    A self-built electric vehicle will travel from India to the UK crossing 10 countries (nearly 10,000 km )
  8. SolarPlantsLily

    Self builder interested in solar

    Hi everyone, I work for a company called Solar Plants, a Solar PV installer based in Port Talbot, South Wales. We are looking to get into contact with somebody who is in the process of building their own house, with planning permission and building plans, but that has not yet started the...
  9. T

    pouring a concrete slab to an extension before or after weather tight.

    Hi all, I’m currently self-building an extension to my property. I’m adding an 8m x 6m single storey extension with steel work to possibly take a second storey in the future (when I win the lotto!) I’m wondering can I put the concrete floor slab, insulation and screed in once the roof is on...
  10. leesrubberroom

    Large beam lifting for self build

    We're doing a self build which is actually a conversion of a current industrial building. It has a large flat roof which is supported by 3 x 11m long i-beams, approx 450mm x 300mm section, and they need to be raised by a few feet up to a height of around 7.5m. My question is, for a beam this...
  11. D

    Dwelling and part time holiday Let Planning Laws

    Hello I'm a self builder. I want to build a dwelling that I use myself and also can rent out part time as in Airbnb holiday let say for 90 days per year. The 90 days per year will bring employment to the local community Gardening ,cleaning ,laundry,key holders, maintenance, etc I'm about to put...