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    Boiler service itinerary

    Hey folks, About to have my 5-year Viessmann Vitodens 100-W service. Boiler hasn't missed a beat since its installation in Feb 2019. Should I be expecting something other than a general inspection, magnetic filter and condensate trap clean? Seen lots of videos of people having burners cleaned...
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    Fill Loop - Consequences.

    Exploratory Topic. Interesting scenario. Main combi 25 Eco. Air in rads - so bled. CH circuit topped up - BUT forgot to reisolate @ fill loop! Boiler had mains fill loop left open for about a month. Presure Dial on boiler showed close to 2/2.5 bar before problem was discovered. Boiler was...
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    Query on when to change brake discs

    Hi all, this one is hopefully fairly easy. Essentially I have a vehicle which to my mind, went quite under utilised for the last year (covid and all) yet when I took it for a service, there was what appeared a steep decline in its brake conditions. Make Hyundai Model I30 Year 2018 Mileage...
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    Frame + double door under stair - How do I do it?

    As I moved all my services under the stair, I thought would be good to closed it down and have access with double door opening. This will allow to push is the washing machine as well and have access for boiler and cylinder maintenance. My idea is to frame off and board on both side having it...
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    Crooked Sump plug leaking oil

    I recently did an oil change on a Bandit 600cc motorbike and when i went to put the plug back on it rung. I got it retreaded but it was done crooked and now leaks. Its only slightly off but enough for a slow drip. The copper washer was not crimped whole way around. Would a thicker copper washer...
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    Adey TwinTech Filter - Tips, tricks & hints

    History: Unit originally came with a transparent bowl. It kept weeping at joint- so I sent it back to adey for a service. Pressure tested on rig - bowel was upgraded to the revised black one, as a manufacturing defect was confirmed: Current: It's now time for the annual service –...
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    Alarm - Full MOT - Asking for help.

    Hi all, 15 year old Premia 9 alarm. I want to get a full intensive service done to it - and any fixes / improvements done. I obtained a copy of the original service manual - which is blank. What is the right language to be using when putting together an advert for this job. Am I asking for...
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    Is my boiler illegal and can't be serviced?

    Hi, We bought a new Barratt Home in 2007 and haven't modified the boiler or its boxing since then however today an engineer has refused to service it saying its boxing and exposed pipe is illegal (boxing above boiler and pipe to side - photo attached). The boiler has been serviced each year...
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    Broadband and Telephone - separately wired into house.

    An older installation has an old connection box inside the house with 1 incoming common cable, from B.T.'s outside pole. There are then 2 separate cables from this connection box, 1 is to an old, extension plate for broadband and another adjacent, old extension plate for the telephone. There is...