1. Bishop m

    Difficult to reach shared downpipe

    Semi detached house with one downpipe on my side has come away from the gutter (think it's blocked at the dog leg aswell). Problem is that it's above 2 extensions that form a valley so can't get a ladder up. Got someone to have a look and he's suggested tricky scaff job and 2 new downpipes at...
  2. D

    Drainage regs - shared 110mm soil pipe branch with basin, ok?

    Hello, I am currently replacing the external 110mm soil pipes during a bathroom renovation. Q can I use a strap on boss to connect the basin bathroom waste, 32mm solvent weld, entering 45 degree from vertical , to the 110mm soil WC waste branch via strap on boss, rather than to the vertical...
  3. D

    Shared chimney repairs

    Hey, l’ve been reading previous posts about shared responsibility for chimney stacks on terrace properties but they don’t seem to apply in my situation... I’m getting the front of the property repointed and also want to get the chimneys done. I share the freehold of the terrace house with my...
  4. C

    Gutter and Downpipe Responsibility

    Hi, Couple of questions.. about downpipe and gutter responsibility.. 1. Early Victorian terrace of 4 properties.. 1 downpipe to serve the whole front.. placed roughly in the middle.. whose responsibility? Is it shared? Or the responsibility of the property it goes down and into the land of...