skirting boards

  1. Danny Hardy

    Architrave & Skirting boards

    I am currently fitting the skirting boards & architave in my house, the old skirting boards were 69mm in width which ive now ripped off and iv'e purchased similar new fully finished mdf skirting boards ready to go on. The old architraves ive now ripped off were slightly smaller, more like 42mm...
  2. rayleigh20

    Moving a radiator

    Hi. In the process of changing bedroom around and want to move radiator from bottom of bed to outside wall, either in corner or under the window. Can the feed pipes go along the top of the skirting board rather than having to take the carpet and floorboards up. Is that ok as a permanent...
  3. D

    Placing new skirting board where there isnt much 'wall' in places.

    We are prepping our hallway to lay some Engineered Wood flooring and have pulled out the old skirting boards and have revealed that some parts of the wall are slightly missing and up to 2inches deep We are wondering what suggestions you might have for padding out the walls so the new skirting...
  4. C

    Fix Victorian bedroom floors before laying carpet - skirting and floorboard gaps

    Hi guys, I need to fix three bedroom floors in a Victorian house (circa 1890) before carpet is laid. In each room there are gaps around the skirting, main bedroom has most of these filled but looks unsightly with cracks etc. another has a few filled and the remaining one has none filled. Some...
  5. S

    Gaps between skirting and wall

    Been having an insurance reinstatement done after a water leak. The builders hired to do it have replaced some plaster and skirting boards. Only problem is there are some fairly large gaps between the plaster and the skirting at points. The builders say the decorators can fill these gaps in if...