1. W

    What rooflight

    Hi I'm am looking at purchasing 3 flat rooflights from and was wondering if there's anything or any brand to lookout for. I know I want laminated inner pane and and aluminium frame. There seems to be the same specs in different brands and different prices.
  2. P

    Installing flatroof Skylight into pitched Roof

    Hello to all the builders/roofers/window fitters I need Unvented Rooflights/Windows. Would like them Non-openable since that seems to better U value and mine are around 6 meters up, so would never be able to open them anyways. America does some great, cheap windows . Since their Houses are...
  3. J

    Loft Conversion-Velux spacing-rafters

    Hi Currently having a loft conversion. After some advice regarding velux window positioning. Im planning on have 3 X 780 x 980 velux windows in one room. Is there a certain amount of space required between the rafters? As the rafters will have to be cut and then doubled up. The rafters are...
  4. R

    Rooflight of Sun Tunnel

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the roof section?... I'm buying a Edwardian style terrace and the big first floor landing is pretty dark. The small landing window is on the side of the back of the house (back faces east) so gets minimal light. Has anyone ever installed a rooflight...
  5. Fishwalker

    Replacing the landing to loft skylight, what material is best?

    Hi, We are finally after 8 years, wanting to replace the (piece of crap), draughty perspex sheet that is our landing skylight (sitting in line of sight under the roof velux window in our loft). I have always wondered just how much heat gets lost through it into the roof space, not to mention...