smart light switch wiring

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    Making dimmable LEDs smart

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place/wrongly formatted etc, first time poster here. I am currently looking at swapping our old "dumb" bulbs in two rooms with smart LED strips to be wired into the mains, and fit into some cornicing/coving. We know someone who is fitting it for us, but...
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    Smart Switch Upgrade Help!

    Hi all, First off I'm new in here, so hello to you all :-) Wonder if anyone can help me with a smart light switch upgrade for stair switches.. I've got a single gang upstairs and double downstairs for hallway and upsiairs light. Here's downstairs two gang: DoubleGAng by FrogsLegs posted 30...
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    Help needed wanting to install same smart light switch's

    Sorry if this is the wrong section new to the form. So id like to have some smart light switch's installed. A 3 gang to control a pouch light a downstairs hallway and a upstairs landing light plus a 1 gang to also control the landing light. So i unscrewed the 3 gang switch just to see if i have...
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    Smart light switch and current home wiring

    Hi, I'm contemplating purchasing a smart light switch that I can use wifi to control but I'm not sure on if the current wiring situation within my home will work with the requirements of the new light switch. Attached is an image of the switch as it stands at the moment in my home that I'd...