soakaway crate

  1. DaveFix

    Creation of Driveway - Soakaway or use existing drainage?

    My front garden slopes down towards the highway. I would like to build a retaining wall and dig the garden out to create a PIC driveway. I understand that creating a non-permeable driveway greater 5²m would require planning permission. As the footprint of my car itself is over 8²m I've recently...
  2. J

    Garden drainage - soakaway solution?

    Currently landscaping our garden (10m x 8m) and want to deal with drainage issues. Garden is boggy in rain and drainage is generally poor. It also slopes down about 4 inches from left to right. We have a patio at the end of the garden going across most of the width. As you look at it, the...
  3. T

    French Drain - Soakaway Crate - Clay Soil

    Good morning, I recently had my garden leveled from quite a steep slope that previously had water streaming towards the house. The problem is we have a retaining wall that encloses the garden on 3 sides, with the house and garden path being on the 4th and a layer of clay soil on top. A lovely...