1. bettz1

    Found 2 bolts from under the recliner any idea

    Hi bit of a long shot but we've found 2 bolts from under our 3 seater recliner sofa had a good look under there with a torch and I can't find any previous holes :mad: it's driving me nuts plus there pretty big screws so must be important. Anyone had this happen? Or know where they've come from?
  2. C

    Fitting sofa through front door.

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody could give me any advice. I'm looking to buy a 3 seater sofa, the problem I've got is, im not sure if it's going to fit through my front door. My front door dimensions are: Height - 73" (186cm) Width - 29" (74cm) The sofa's dimensions are: Height 37" (94cm)...
  3. J

    Remove mark on couch

    Hi, There is a mark on our couch that i'm trying to get rid of. I've attached some pictures of it, we've tried hide soap and this hasn't worked. Simply scratching it with a finger nail doesn't work. Any ideas would be appreciated