soil pipe vent

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    Leak from soil pipe in the loft

    Hi, I am decorating my bathroom and am about to paint the wall and ceiling. Then I found one ceiling corner next to the 'vertical' soil pipe has some damp damage. Then I realise the water is from the loft. In the loft, directly above the damage location in the bathroom, there is a 90 degree...
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    Should my bathroom waste be vented?

    Hi I've got a recently built extension with a bathroom. The shower trap is letting sewerage smells come up from it. I've been doing a bit of research and I'm thinking that the issue may be that the soil stack is not vented. The waste from the shower, bath and basin connect to this stack on the...
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    Soil pipe joint leaking at first floor, is it blocked?

    Hi Our soil pipe stack is leaking from a pipe joint where it enters the flat roof of our extension. I noticed a tiny pool of water on the dry roof when looking out the window today. Photos show pipe joint and leak. Upstairs taps, bath, sink and shower all drain properly but upstairs loo often...