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    Summer house on concrete base... advice pls

    Hi all, having searched and searched for a clear answer I’m hoping some one can help. I’m going to try and build a 3m x 3m garden room over lockdown. There is already a concrete base down which I am going to put it on which was laid in 1950s I think, very flat and level. I planning 2” x 3”...
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    Gutter and Downpipe Responsibility

    Hi, Couple of questions.. about downpipe and gutter responsibility.. 1. Early Victorian terrace of 4 properties.. 1 downpipe to serve the whole front.. placed roughly in the middle.. whose responsibility? Is it shared? Or the responsibility of the property it goes down and into the land of...
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    Sole plate screws thru membrane?

    I need to put a stud wall on an old conc. car port floor that will have a 1200 membrane laid over it. Are a few holes in the membrane considered to be that much of an issue? I see youtube stud wall videos but nothing showing a sole plate being fixed down with a membrane below it? Thanks, Dain