solid walls

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    Failed/blown concrete lintels - replace or repair?

    Two inner concrete lintels(100x~250) supporting 1/2 of external 30s solid walls, one supports a 1.8m window opening in 1st floor (carrying 3 courses and roof) and the other a 2m window opening in ground floor (supporting 10 courses and then an exact size window opening in 1st floor), are blown...
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    RSJ Padstone - HELP

    I’m creating an opening (Proposed 1700mm wide) in my rear external ex solid wall (it has been rebuilt using cavity with a width to match existing, 230mm, just in ground floor and half length of the wall). There is a small window and a 900mm door in that wall panel I want the opening in for the...
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    Thermal plasterboarding solid wall/internal insulation - advice please

    Hi, First time posting here, I have taken all the plaster off on the external solid 9" walls (1930s house) and now want to insulate and redo them using celotex 37.5mm thick 2.4mx1.2m plasterboards. I have heard many stories about damp and condensation issues caused by internal insulation. Do...
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    Removing limewash, sanding brick faces, acid, blast or other means?

    I have a 1910 London house covered side and back with limewash, then masonry paint on top, it was like this when we bought it and have been trying to figure out how to remove it ever since. The masonry paint is fairly loose and peeling in most areas (common for paint over limewash). Chemical...
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    Solid Wall insulation internal - without buildings regs

    I know how stupid this is, but naively we installed internal wall insulation in several rooms (external walls). Solid wall house. Had no idea there were regs for this, just thought that adding insulation was a "good thing to do" (yes, ... I know better now). We used Kingspan materials and it...