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    Architect’s Outline Specification - how closely does this need to be followed?

    Hi, just looking for some advice on something. I’m getting a sunroom/extension built at the back of my house and noticed the builders are using 120 mm thick Kingspan floor insulation boards (TP10/TF70/TW55) whilst the Architect’s Outline Specification states that it should be 150 mm thick...
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    Patio specifications including slot drain and kerb installation

    Just to begin with the fact that I am a total novice when it comes to garden/building works. Please see below my design and specifications for a simple ground level patio installation which will be level with the threshold of a rear alley which will be accessed via a gate. I have also attached...
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    How Detailed Do Builders WANT An Extension Spec / Schedule To Be?

    Hi, I'm having a rear extension built (architect has drawn plans), and soon want to contact builders for quotes etc. Expecting the build alone to be ~£80k+. Currently, I've no building details/specifications whatsoever - just drawings of the brickwork (no drawings of how existing parts of the...