surface water

  1. Applegarth Hall

    Diagnosing water under the suspended floor

    OK, I'm just going to list everything I know! Village hall, built 1897 from sandstone & brick. Floor - suspended pitch pine T&G on joists. Water pooling in the substrate under the suspended floor - a few inches suddenly, after rain Rumours that a stream runs under the hall (it doesn't, as there...
  2. E

    Drainage....can I do this?

    Hi everyone, Keen newbie here taking on a garden project. I'm building a small retaining wall and a patio. Thinking about drainage I'm going to run slotted flexible pipe by the wall and now thinking about where to put the water. There is a storm drain inspection chamber with lots of spare...
  3. A

    Basement floor drainage

    Hi there, We're in the process of slightly lowering our basement floor (nothing drastic like underpinning, just the remove of the cracked slab and some substrate and relaying it slightly lower with insulation and DPM, all based on a structural engineer's report and going 300mm further down the...
  4. M

    Kitchen worktop bubbles

    Hi, Left a damp plastic chopping board on my worktop for too long. Water must've gotten trapped underneath and it's damaged the surface. Thought this may have been calcium deposits so tried leaving vinegar on this and scrubbing but not worked. Any suggestions? Cheers
  5. S

    Surface Water Drainage

    I am looking to have a single story rear extension built but I'm concerned (and a bit confused) about how water from the extension roof and lateral drain at the base will drain. We are a mid terrace house built in 2001 and at the rear of property our guttering simply joins with next door with...
  6. C

    Septic Tank and Foul/Rain water mixing

    Hi, I have a septic tank and I found out my rain water and foul mix and end up in the same tank/drains. This has always been the case since I bought the property 7 years ago and since the drains were put in when the property was built. I've heard they shouldn't mix, however I bought the house...