suspended timber floor

  1. P

    Suspended Timber Floor in Garage Conversion

    Please help. Never done a timber floor so all help appreciated. The garage is 254cm wide. I will use 45x125mm c24 timber in 2.4m lengths. I will mount ledger boards to the two longest opposing walls. If I mount just one ledger board to both walls I will have a span of 245cm. A 245cm gap will...
  2. Grahamandcharlie

    Insulating under floor with spray foam.

    Hi I took my carpet up and I am in the process of sending my floor boards but the room is noticeably colder. There is a draft coming up through the floor boards and I have a decent sized crawl space to put some kind of insulation under there. I was thinking easiest would de just get under there...
  3. A

    removing constructional hearth = brick infill collapse?

    Hi all, I'm currently renovating a ground floor suspended timber floor of a Victorian semi. I've just started removing a constructional hearth that was in front of a bricked-up fireplace, but after removing the concrete slab I realise that the earth underneath seems to also be supporting the...
  4. C

    Air vent in suspended timber floor

    Hello, We have a suspended timber floor, and that suspended timber floor contains an air grill (see picture attached). The grill attaches to a plastic ventilation shaft below the floor which is about 20cm long. It's a bit odd, given that most guidance on ventilating suspended timber floors...