toilet waste

  1. D

    New Bathroom - Drainage, Pipes, is this plan good?

    Hello I am about to start my tiling in my upstairs bathroom which I delayed from last year. I just made a quick sketch of my drainage plan. Please see below, is it all good for Uk Regs. My Building Officer told me that it is best to use 50mm. then connect your 40mm pipes to it. Using riding...
  2. M

    Moving downstairs toilet - currently not in the centre.

    Hi All, I'm re-doing the downstairs toilet. So far I've: Ripped out the old toilet suite and sink. Re-routed the CH feed and return from upstairs to come through the garage and through the back wall of the toilet - and I'm going to bury them in the screed (boxed in access for the joints -...
  3. S

    Cloakroom WC drainage plan

    The background: installing understairs WC wall is adjoining neighbours so drainage to run out to other side of house (about 4.5m to external wall, 6m to 4" stack) hanging sink with this trap
  4. robodelfy

    Pan connector confusion!

    I'm at the final stages of working our my bathroom plumbing and I'm confused about the toilet waste. I need to have the pan connector come out horizontally to connect to the soil pipe on the wall, is this ok? I hope my diagram below makes sens. The right angle pan connectors are only 240mm...
  5. T

    Can a toilet discharge into a gully trap?

    I want to move our bathroom loo onto the other exterior wall and had intended to run the waste into the soil stack which serves the spare loo, but as it’s cast iron I’d have to replace it with plastic etc. In between this stack and where the new waste will exit the wall is a clay gully trap...