1. E

    Drilling through cladding to put up hanging baskets

    I bought a house which has a lot of cladding around the back. I hope that's the right term. Personally I find it ugly and wish it still had just the red brick underneath but it is what it is. I don't know exactly what you call this - I don't think it's pebbledash as I don't think they're any...
  2. bettz1

    Best way to attach trellis to existing fence

    Hi I'm looking for the best way to attach trellis to the existing fence. I've done a little search but most vids just show what to do with the fence posts being higher.
  3. bettz1

    Attaching trellis to existing fence

    Hi we've taken down our shed that was in the corner of our garden and we wanted to add a bit of trellis to the existing fence as there's a car park at the back of us. Any ideas on how we can do this?
  4. A

    Unattached trellis on fence...

    So we just had a new garden fence installed, and the builders seem to think that it's fine to not attach the trellis to anything -- either to the fence beneath it or the concrete fence post. It's literally just balanced on top of the fence, with the ridges of the fence post stopping it from...
  5. V

    Curious Planning Laws for Fences, Trellis and Pergolas?

    Hello I've been reading about the planning laws for fences, trellis and pergolas and just wondered if I am understanding this right... At the moment I have a 6 foot garden fence and for privacy have attached a 1 foot trellis to the top. Strictly speaking this is not within planning laws since...
  6. S

    Adding artificial trellis for privacy

    Hello, I want to buy artificial ivy trellis and half attach this to our garden wall which is brick. Is it possible to attach the trellis half way up the wall, as an example 50cm would be attached to the wall and then 50cm would be above the wall to add height. That would leave the bottom of the...