1. N

    Conservatory base

    Hello I am having difficulty getting the correct answer. I've had 2 different builders telling me completely different answers. I am looking a build a conservatory/ garden room joined to the back of my house. There is already a 3m longe by 2m wide concrete slab. This is approximately 300mm...
  2. N

    Cold water feed to shed - cannot easily bury deep near house

    I am running a cold water feed to my shed, about 10m from the house. The house already has a cold water tap on the outside, and I intend to plumb into it (keeping the tap for garden work) but having a permanent feed to the shed. I am digging a trench to the required depth (~750mm) but within...
  3. SS-ProjectBuild

    XPS insulation below DPC in trench...

    Hi Guys, Any issues with placing 50mm xps insulation slabs externally in the trench below dpc/ground level before backfill? To help with insulating the building? Please see pics.
  4. G

    Trench Fill or Strip Foundation?

    Hi all, I'm shortly going to embark on my rear extension project. Did my own designs and drawings and full plans approval granted by building control which I'm pretty chuffed about, but I'm by no means an expert!! The plan was, after digging a test hole before submitting plans and speaking...
  5. T

    Existing to new foundation level?

    Hi I’m building a rear extension on my 2 bed bungalow. The existing foundation is a strip foundation, and it’s a fair way below ground level, I’d say 900mm. Because the ground is clay, we have a spec of a 600mm x 1000mm trench fill foundation. My question is, can this new foundation rise above...
  6. T

    Trench foundation at boundary? Cavity wall position

    I’m building a rear extension on my end of terrace bungalow, my Architect has specified a 600mm x 1000mm concrete foundation. At the adjoining boundary to next door we have a concrete post fence, the 150mm “toe” of foundation on that side of the 300mm cavity wall will need to go slightly past...
  7. D

    Meter move - is it writ in stone that homeowner needs his/her own electrician on the day?

    It is not the case that the homeowner needs their own electrician present on the the day that the team arrive to relocate the meter. It appears that there is a certain discretion allowable.
  8. M

    Wiring to an outside shed using cable troughs to avoid sewer?

    Lots of good advice on these boards about external wiring, but I've not found anything similar to my problem ... I plan to install a shed about 7 metres from the main house where the electrical run would be across a tarmac parking space and lawn. I can't suspend the cable due to trees. The...
  9. J

    2.3m Deep Foundations alternatives

    I have just had a inspection from building control who are asking for very deep foundations for a single storey extension. To quote the report: "Lombardy Poplar tree to rear paced out at circa 18m from proposed rear elevation. Eucalyptus at circa 10m away from the proposed flank elevation at...