trickle vents

  1. A

    Trickle vents through reinforced UPVC

    Hi, I have bought some trickle events to help with condensation. I’ve found out my window frame and sashes are reinforced. Am I ok to drill a series of holes through the reinforced part? I assume I need to get a special metal drill bit as mine don’t seem to be doing anything to go through it...
  2. AndyCh

    Retrofit trickle vent in Velux window

    I have a wood velux roof window which is not accessible without a ladder as it faces down onto the landing. it is gathering a lot of condensation from the Bathroom below and a new bathroom fan hasn’t reduced the condensation at the bottom of the window. I want to know if I can retrofit a...
  3. R

    Are these trickle vents too high for plastering?

    Our builder has told us that the placement of a number of trickle vents will cause problems for the plasterer. He says they are not centred, too close to the top, and too close to the lintel resulting in not enough room for plasterboard. Below are some photos. Do the windows need replacing or...
  4. S

    Air vents behind radiators and/or trickle vents

    I'm putting central heating into a flat which previously had storage heaters. I found evidence of poor ventilation, with black mould build-up most pronounced in the bedrooms. I suspect this is due to a lack of trickle vents in the double glazing. The floor is concrete and the walls are cavity...