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    Insulating a single skin utility room

    Hello all, I am planning on taking my single skin utility room back to brick and then sticking 50mm of insulated plasterboard to it with foam adhesive. The room is currently off of my bathroom accessed by an internal door so is very very cold but damp free (only wetness on wall is from...
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    Insulating a solid blockwork outbuilding

    Hi All. I am constructing an outbuilding office, its not to live in and doesnt need to comply with building regulations. I plan to insulate the floor using 50mm celotex. The walls are solid 6 inch concrete blocks. I am looking for the cheapest way to insulate it. Any ideas please, explanation...
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    Loft Insulation

    Hi, I am hoping for some advice. My builder has completed a loft and the building inspector has said the insulation is not sufficient as it has a u value of 0.22 and not 0.18. I have spoken to my builder and he says we could argue on the basis of height that additional insulation would not be...
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    u ratings - 3.6N Aerated Celcon versus 50mm Cellotex

    I have a car port under the end of the house, the supports for the house are conc. blockwork, L shaped (in section) piers with a 2" cavity containing Rockwool or similar insulation. The car port is being converted to domestic/internal room. BC says that original internal faces of car port piers...