ufh controls

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    UFH wiring mess

    Hi wondering if anyone can help we have 11 zones of under floor heating which are linked to 3 separate thermostats. the plumber is different to whoever laid the underfloor so he can’t figure out which actuator / wire links to which thermostat so at the moment each thermostat heats up the...
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    Is my UFH installed in a standard way?

    Hi all, I have what I think is called an "S Plan+" central heating system. That is there are separate zone valves for DHW and each heating "circuit". It was fitted around 14 years ago when my house was renovated. There is UFH in kitchen, rads elsewhere; it's a 3 storey large house. The...
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    Does a Worcester Bosch 38CDI need wiring centre for 2 zones?

    Hello. Slight breakdown in communication between plumber, who installed a new 38CDI combi to power existing CH and HW, and builder who installed wet UFH and manifold ready to connect to the boiler pipework. "Old" part of house has 14 rads, new UFH loop in kitchen is about 150m long. Plumber...
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    Which UFH manifold and controls?

    So I'm looking in to which system/Brand I should go for and I would appreciate your views. I'm looking at 4 zone system covering a total of around 50m2. Thanks