1. B

    Rain Water Damage Via Broadband Duct

    We live in a new build (2015) and have recently discovered rainwater has been entering under the floor via the phoneline/broadband duct. The green box is at a higher elevation and the duct didn't have either sufficient drainage or wasn't sealed properly when the property was built meaning it...
  2. B

    Rainwater Ingress Via Front Door?

    The Problem I've got an issue whereby water is getting into my house whenever there is moderate-heavy rain. This is a new build from 2015 (maybe that's not so new now...) I suspect it is coming in via the front door, but there is no visual evidence of water ingress anywhere - however, walking...
  3. Z

    Underfloor heating pump wiring

    Hello everyone, i have installed underfloor heating, and cant figure out how to wire manifold pump so that it only turns on with the heating on and not with hot tap water it is a ideal logic + combi 30 boiler. Anyone know if its even possible?
  4. J

    latex flooring with warm water UFH

    Hi, I've been a plumber (not heating engineer) for 9 years now and finally bought my first home. As my first project, I decided to install a warm water UFH system. I've decided on Mapei Latexplan Trade for the screed which will be aprox 20mm thick. The data sheet states max 11mm per coat...
  5. George Hartshorn

    Underfloor heating advice

    I'm undergoing a renovation project and looking at installing some underfloor heating. It is a lower ground floor flat with a concrete slab for a floor. It's approx 50sqm and consists of a open plan kitchen/living room and a large bedroom. The current central heating system pipes are copper...
  6. George Hartshorn

    Routing electrics through floor or chase into walls?

    I am purchasing a lower-ground floor flat which currently has all of the plug sockets and wiring surface mounted in trunking. I'm undertaking a renovation project on the house soon so now is the time to get them hidden! I am looking at installing a wet UFH system between a concrete slab and my...
  7. T

    Advice on rerouting pipes and reducing noise

    Hello, I will be refurbishing a 1960s house and am considering what aspects of the plumbing might need changing, there's a couple of points in particular I would appreciate advice with. Some of the pipework looks like it might be 50 years old, other bits look like they were changed more...