vapour barrier

  1. T

    Internal insulation on back of exterior wall

    My house is very cold so I have decided to try insulating my living room wall. It's the inside being insulated as the house is in a conservation area, meaning the outside is a no go. I have built a stud wall and placed foil back foam boards snugly into the frame. As the room is not huge, the...
  2. A

    Vapour Barrier, Insulation & Floorboards

    Hello! We're doing a mix of carpet and engineered wood floor for our renovation project - it's a 1930's bungalow, so at least we only have one floor layer to worry about. We're unwilling to pull up the floorboards to insulate from the top-down as there is plenty of space beneath the floor to...
  3. GAC

    Insulating between between rafters above bathroom

    Heya, I want to insulate the ceiling in the bathroom, which is also the roof at the top of the building. Wondering what's the best option or if there's any special considerations for this scenario? Does there need to be a vapour barrier? (or use foil backed plasterboard?) The rafters are 100mm...
  4. GAC

    Insulating behind toilet in ensuite

    Currently midway through doing my ensuite. This photo shows the wall behind where a concealed cistern toilet will be. There will be a shelf at the top of the toilet going back horrizontally to the external brick wall - as such the top half of the brick wall will be plasterboarded and painted...
  5. L

    Damp proofing help! Tanking slurry and vapour barrier?

    Hello, I am converting the garden brick shed into a garden office and music room. It is built from brick walls with a concrete floor. I’m planning to building a stud wall and insulate with mineral wool (rockwool). the brick wall is essentially the garden wall, where they have popped a...
  6. N

    Vapor barrier on floor??

    Hello, I bought a wooden cabin/house in Sweden around 70 sqm (750 sqft) and am now renovating it… I’ve read a lot of things about vapor barriers and understand I should definitely do this for the walls and ceilings as I’m changing those anyway. But when it comes to the floor I can’t seem to...
  7. T

    Utility room vapour barrier useful or useless?

    Hello, Apologies for the long description, I guess being accurate is useful here. I am looking to find out if there is any benefit of installing a vapour barrier between a utility room and remaining living space of a small outbuilding, currently used as an office. There is a small partitioned...
  8. sammerz

    Garage conversion floor / wall detail

    Hello, I am designing my detached garage conversion, it’s a single skin brick building on a solid raft slab. I’ve had a look on multiple previous posts and cannot find a specific answer. I’ve post here and in the ‘building’ forum, not sure which is best. I am need of advice at the wall/floor...
  9. sammerz

    Garage conversion floor and wall detail

    Hello, I am designing my detached garage conversion, it’s a single skin brick building on a solid raft slab. I’ve had a look on multiple previous posts and cannot find a specific answer. I am need of advice at the wall/floor junction to ensure I do not get damp issues. My design is largely...
  10. M

    vapour lock barrier

    Hi, I'm creating a utility room ,and on one of the walls im fastening some plasterboard on to wood battens (and insulating in between the battens ) , The battens are in turn fastened to a brick wall. Should i still put up a vapour barrier on back side side of the inner plasterboard.? I'm...
  11. F

    How do I stop a cold RSJ rotting my joists?

    Hi, we're doing up a stone house, and have lots of vapour-related potential problems. Today's problem: we have an RSJ across a room, both ends in external stone walls, supporting the first floor joists. We're installing internal insulation (stud etc.) on all external walls, so the RSJ is a cold...
  12. G

    Advice with eaves insulation.

    Hi, Sorry if this isn't in the correct place but I am new to this site. I've got a wall that has an access panel into the eaves space and it's a stud wall with a polythene vapour barrier and plasterboarded straight onto the polythene (Done before I moved in) what insulation methods would be...
  13. A

    DPM needed ?

    I have a timber frame structure mounted on concrete blocks around the perimeter, which are bedded on a concrete base.The concrete base has a membrane but is cut off flush. as i'm doing a solid floor inc Ufh made up of 150mm celotex , a seperation layer then UFH stapled on top , before a 75mm...
  14. M

    Using Damp proof membrane as vapour barrier

    Have a good amount of damp proof membrane left which my builder previously used when laying down concrete. Really heavy duty stuff this: I'm fixing insulated plasterboards with built in vapour...
  15. H

    Laminate floor vapour barrier (1)

    Hi, I’m laying a vapour barrier on concrete slab before installing underlay fibreboard and laminate. Is the vapour barrier supposed to be stuck to the plasterboard - say up 1or2 inches? Or should it go under the plasterboard? I’ve already removed the skirting. thanks