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    45kg rad into thermal block wall with dot and dab

    Hi everybody, I want to hang a fairly heavy (45kg) radiator onto my new build house wall. The wall is the grey thermal blocks covered with dot and dab plasterboard and I think its about 40mm of dot/dab before you hit the blocks behind. Obvs with water the radiator will be a bit heavier as...
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    Plugs to replace curtain pole brackets in plasterboard???

    Hello :) Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm a DIY newbie: I'm replacing curtain pole brackets as our previous brackets have bent under the weight of the curtains. I've removed the old brackets - There weren't any plugs in the wall apart from one very large metal (potentially...
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    Rawlbolt stuck in hole - bolt snapped in two

    Looking for some advice, I was tightening a Rawlbolt into concrete block wall and the bolt snapped in two. Any suggestions for how I can get the rest of the rawlbolt out so I can try again with a new one? Annoyingly this was the last of three and no issues with the other two so don’t really want...
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    Fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section - let me know if I should post elsewhere! Currently fitting a new IKEA kitchen, they come with the metal rails, which you fix to the wall and "hang" the cabinets onto...
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    Elfa storage system wall fixings

    Hi - Have bought this modular wardrobe system by Elfa which seemingly miraculously only requires a top bar to be screwed in and everything else hung off it. https://www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk/category/elfa-shelving-components That sounds almost too good to be true but also puts the pressure...