wall framing

  1. F

    Shower Alcove Stud adjustment

    I am preparing a small alcove for a 4 piece Lyons prefab standing showe 32×32 the back wall has some molded in shelving that require the shower studs to have a 20" gap and mine are 16" on center. The stud I need to move appears to have a ceiling or attic joist attached to it. (See pictures) How...
  2. B

    uPVC window - gap in material beneath sill

    Been cleaning/restoring our uPVC window frames. Noticed that the sill was loose so removed it to give it a proper clean. Underneath is a gap in the capping whcih doesn’t look right to me. Imagined that this should run right underneath. The seams of the window frames/seals were sealed with...
  3. S

    Timber framing question - Turning shed into office / garden room

    Looking for advice please. Apologies if this question has already been asked - I have read all I could on the forum and I appreciate the shed timber framing might not be sufficient but I've got to work with it. I have an existing shed, approx 8ft by 11ft. its made from CLS 33x68mm timber...
  4. E

    Garden Room - Structural Design Advice

    Hi all, I'm in the process of building a garden room. It's a lean-to structure in the corner of the garden against the boundary wall. There is a wall at the rear face and against the right hand side: My sketch is pretty rudimentary, but hopefully you can see a basic studwork structure in...
  5. Bagheera

    Insulated timber-framed Garden Room

    Hi folks, Happy new year to you all! It's that time of year where thoughts turn to DIY projects for the coming year so for my first post on this forum I wanted to outline my plans for a self-built insulated garden room (all the rage at the moment I gather from the number of posts on here) and...