wall opening

  1. DerMitchie

    Small opening in load bearing wall

    So first of all - this isn't something I would attempt myself - but I would like some advice as to which path to take: The green is the proposed opening. Steel number one just holds up a flat roof, steel number two is there to prop up steel number 3, which is bearing the load of the side wall...
  2. K

    RSJ Padstone - HELP

    I’m creating an opening (Proposed 1700mm wide) in my rear external ex solid wall (it has been rebuilt using cavity with a width to match existing, 230mm, just in ground floor and half length of the wall). There is a small window and a 900mm door in that wall panel I want the opening in for the...
  3. S

    Lintel on breeze blocks

    I am to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The wall is bearing the load of joist of a bedroom above it. There is no other wall above it nor stud wall just the joists. I am looking at installing 2700x100x65 lintel. My question is what is the minimum length on the breeze block...