wall ties

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    Remove faulty wall ties myself ?

    Hi, I had wall ties fitted in 2014, since then the wall is still moving, the window trim is lifting away and I can see the ties are not touching the inner wall. I've tried several times to get the company that installed them to re do them, they keep fobbing me off. I got a quite today of 2200...
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    Wall ties don't meet inner wall

    Hi, I noticed my upstairs window was looiking funny, on investigation the outer wall has moved maybe an inch or more away from the inner one and pulled the brown surface of the window frame with it. On removing the outer filler trim I can get my fingers in the cavity. I can see that the wall...
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    Wall tie spacing

    Ive just had some remedial wall ties done and I noticed that the distancing around the door opening is more than recommended as stated in the BRE Guidelines. This is the e-mail I received following his site visit, is there any truth in the statement below. Note: the installer didn't have a pull...
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    To flank or not to flank

    Hi folks, inexperienced builder doing a garden studio for music purposes. Making a 6 by 4.5m studio in a limited space in my garden. I based the design on a tried and tested timber frame twin stud with Rockwool and double layer of plasterboard on the interior with green glue between the boards...