water cylinder

  1. B

    Unvented cylinder - advised it may explode

    Hi - wonder if someone can give me an opinion. I am undecided whether I should pay thousands for a repair, or whether I'm just being scammed. In short - I have a solar-powered hot water system (hot solar fluid gets piped through the inside of an unvented water cylinder). When the water from the...
  2. Jennifer153323

    Megaflo dd145 Economy 7 water tank issue

    Hey all. I've just moved into a new flat with economy 7 so we have night storage heaters and a night heating water cylinder. It's 145L, but we only get half, maybe not even that before the water is freezing. The whole tank seems to be heated in the morning as it feels slightly warm on the...
  3. M

    Looking to replace water cylinder which type needed?

    Hi everyone I’m looking to have my water cylinder changed which is in the loft can anybody explain which type I need, the numbers on it say 36 X 18 medium duty, the tank is in the loft also which type are better are copper or stainless steel better? What do the numbers mean and what size is best...
  4. A

    Electric Hot water tank with two heating elements

    Hi All, I have a question regarding an electrically heated hot water tank. I'm new to DIY and this forum so apologies in advance if I have posted in the wrong place. There are two heating elements attached to the hot water tank. One at the bottom and one near the middle. The one hear the...
  5. StephenStephen

    split/double/size of cylinder if our water needs vary?

    Hi all, We're about to have a new heating system installed (previous thread for a bit of history: https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/too-many-boilers-for-the-22mm-pipe.511647/ ) Most of the time we don't use a lot of hot water, and our 117 litre cylinder is more than big enough. Sometimes we...
  6. happydays129

    megaflo cylinder water dripping through tundish

    Hi everyone, I have my megaflo unvented water cylinder installed a year ago. Now i noticed when heating, water dripping through tundish. I have contacted engineers and the scheduled visit is 2 weeks later (Crying). I am wondering is it safe still to use water cylinder while water dripping...