1. CrazeUK

    From Magnolia to white - Best paint

    Hi All. Looking at doing a spot of decorating ahead of Christmas and looking for paint recommendations. Current The walls are all Magnolia on plaster with White ceilings. What The lounge and hallway need to be painted totaling around 75m2 Requirements 1. The paint needs to be cleanable as we...
  2. C

    What colour white paint for kitchen?

    Good morning, We are in the process of decorating our house and need to pick the paint for our kitchen. Do you have any recommendations of shades of white to use? Our units are ivory, worktop is wood and woodwork and doors are white. We have used Dulux almond white throughout the rest of...
  3. Maxlear

    Which white emulsion is WHITE?

    I'm repainting my flat in white. I have done all the woodwork in Dulux Pure Brilliant White Eggshell (which is a lovely white), now I want to match the walls. I got Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matt emulsion but it turned out to be CREAM! Then I got Dulux Trade Supermatt White and that turned out...
  4. M

    Staining over white gloss

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of redecorating the hallway and stairs and I'd like to stain/varnish the handrail a dark brown which is currently painted white gloss, is it possible? What's the best approach? Is there a primer that could be used over the top of the gloss and then able a...
  5. T

    Antique white and brilliant white help

    Hello, We're undertaking our first interior painting project and just wondering if someone could help with a question about white paint. We've used the Ronseal anti-mould paint in our bedroom (all walls and ceiling). Our plan had been to then cover this with B&Qs antique white and do the...
  6. GoodOne

    Coloured brick slips grout on fireplace

    Hiya, I am planning to lay brick slips on my fireplace (stove) and would like to have white colour for grout. Is there any white mortar product, which is heatproof that i could use for the fireplace? Or should i call it a white fire cement? Thanks,