wireless alarms

  1. C

    Pyronixs enforcer - Siren wireless poll fail on a regular basis.

    Hi, Less than a year ago I installed a pyronix enforcer into my house, with a few sensors and a wireless siren externally. Recently, the alarm has been randomly sounding internally with an alert to say that "Wrls Poll Fail - Siren 1". The siren hasn't sounded for any long periods of time...
  2. D

    Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Keypad Volume

    I have recently had a Pyronix Enforcer alarm installed and have 2 remote keypads, one wired and one wireless. I can change the volume of the wired keypad easily enough by going into the keypad menu, but the wireless keypad has no LCD display, so presumably does not have the same settings...
  3. B

    Alarm Upgrade

    Hi All, I am considering updating my old Alarm system and had a few questions I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help with. My current alarm system is a wired system with PIRs, bell and front door contact. It has a main panel and a wired keypad. 1) In upgrading it, I was hoping I...
  4. J

    Replacement security alarm - easy to reset by the user.

    I have an enquiry for a replacement alarm system in a plush home, "that is not cheap, but is easy to set by the user in the event of a power loss". (One of these is an old lady). The existing system is a wireless Risco make, model G1010 SA, there are 6 wireless detectors, and the system has a...
  5. greg_0ry

    Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm System - GSM-KIT-1 (Line fault)

    I have installed the GSM-Kit-1 and everything is working as expected except the SMS part. I purchased a GiffGaff SIM card with £10 Top-UP and run through the setup like the one below: Programme Arc/SMS (response yes) Programme Arc/SMS calls (response yes) Arc/SMS is enabled (response yes) Arc...
  6. A

    Wireless Alarms

    Hello all, I'm looking at installing a new wireless home alarm with 6 zones (4 PIRS, 2 door contacts). The two I have read most about are 'Pyronix Enforcer' and 'Visonic PowerMax'. I have also asked local installer and most local installers would prefer Visonic. I know on spec Pyronix is two...
  7. G

    DIY Wireless Alarm options

    I need a DIY wireless alarm system because i move regularily and want to take it with me, but don't really want to have to compromise on capability, despite having to choose a DIY option. From reading in this forum I have shortlisted the 3 below, but its not based on any real understanding of...