worcester boiler

  1. N

    Worcester 30cdi boiler lost pressure but no manifold or key to top it up

    Hi there, I had to bleed one of our radiators last night due to it not getting warm for a while (and making a water rushing noise). After I did, when switching the heating back on the boiler pressure is at zero in the red, then the flow temperature on the screen goes from 25 degrees c to 99...
  2. ThePrisonerOfZenda

    Worcester combi boiler- Luke warm water situation

    I have a Worcester 25i combi boiler and would appreciate any advice... issue - my hot water isn't hot.. This last week, its started running luke warm... I gave the heating a blast this evening & hoped that it might do something helpful, but no, radiators were indeed red hot... water still only...
  3. L

    Worcester boiler eco mode turning itself off

    I have recently been setting my boiler on eco mode and it stays on that mode until first thing in the morning, when, at some point, the eco mode stops and pre-heating starts. I haven't been able to catch it the moment the eco switches off. When I spot it I switch it on again. What is happening...