zone valves

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    warmafloor UFH replacement or parts

    has anyone attempted a "diy" to replace the flow meters and valve pins on a warmafloor UFH manifold ? also how easy is it to just replace the whole thing as I'm seeing manifolds for under £200 and wondering if its worth buying parts or just replace the whole thing but I'm not sure how straight...
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    Radiators not heating

    Hi guys Wondering if someone has an idea to my issue even my plumber doesn't know why. Firstly, the boiler is about 3 years old (moved into new house Sept 2019). The boiler is absolutely fine. I'm getting hot water to all taps and showers, so we can rule the boiler out. I have 2 central heating...
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    Unvented cylinder query

    Hi I wonder if anybody can enlighten me to what my problem may be. I have recently drained the CH and filled it back up, bleeding all the radiators. The system has an unvented cylinder with two zone valves. When the valves are fully open there is hardly any noise from the cylinder and the...