Domestic Property 1000 Litre Cold Water Pressure Tank

10 Feb 2022
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United Kingdom

We've moved into a property that has a 1000 Litre vertical cold water pressure tank. To me this seems like over kill. It is a 6 bedroom property but we are quite conservative with usage and only have 2 small children at the moment.

I'm looking for a few things.

- How often should these be serviced?
- Can anyone recommend any servicing companies in the north of England (sheffield)?
- There is significant corrosion around what i believe to be the counter flange. Does anyone know whether these are readily available as spare parts. I'm waiting to hear back from CIMM about this.

- Would anyone recommend a lower capacity tank. I guess this all depends on my usage, setup etc which i can post here shortly.
- A quick call to a supplier seemed to indicate that spare parts are usually as much as a new tank, which i'm skeptical about but may prove to be correct if they only sell to the trade.

Many thanks for any advice in advance
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Are you sure it’s a cold tank? Sounds more like an unvented cylinder. 6 bedrooms, how many bathrooms/showers/hot water outlets?

Happy to be corrected. 5 toilets and 4 bathrooms, comprising of 4 showers & 3 baths. We’ll never use more than 2 at once though.

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As above accumulator to be fair I would be surprised if it's not sized correctly.
What area of Sheffield are you? We are Doncaster based but know some of Sheffield teams could ask round for you.
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Yes there is a bathroom on the 2nd floor so I’m assuming it’s to ensure pressure is sufficient for that and the extended distance etc.

I’m really looking for a service and to see if the counter flange can be replaced. I’m concerned it looks like it could go.

Usually used where the static pressure is good but flow is poor, it accumulates the available mains pressure over time (usually overnight) and then releases that consistently during the day when needed. Only issue is when it's used then it used and then needs to re-charge.

I would suggest it would need to be that size, especially to cater for the size of your place. It's sized to cater for all bathroom being in use.

designed to give you better pressure than the average mains supply

Can't provide any more pressure than is actually in the mains unless it is a supplementary pumped accumulator system, which by the looks of it it isn't.
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Which is why I said better than AVERAGE mains pressure. Essentially it gives you best pressure during a period provided that pressure persists long enough.

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