Electric oven install help

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There's been plenty of discussion about this over on the "Electrics UK" forum - basically, the fuse is there to protect the cable, not the appliance.
There is nothing wrong with connecting a 20A oven to a higher current cooker circuit, as long as the cable is specified correctly.
There is even an argument that a 2400W "Plug and go' oven would be fine on such a circuit..
No I doesn't "fail" and it can be safe
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do we fail the installation as the fuse board is giving too much power to the cooker? Surely that can’t be safe?
If a customer orders a 20A cooker
Are you installing this for a customer? If so, you shouldn't be asking these types of questions...

The MCB will provide as much as current it depends on the load. Read about amps and voltage.