Fixing into flint walls

26 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
I live in an old cottage built in churt, a form of flint, bonded with lime mortar. The stone is very hard which makes fixing things to a wall a challenge. The traditional method which works well is to excavate holes in the mortar joints, drive in wooden pegs, and screw into those. This is easy outside, but inside it is another story requiring many test drillings to find a suitable mortar joint, but which is unlikely to be in or near to the required location. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is it possible to drill into the stone? Normal masonry drills just skate off the surface.
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You could try a diamond tile cutting bit....

Not sure what else would work. Have you googled specialist drill bits for stone?

Good luck with it.
I thought of the Google search after I did the posting. I've now ordered a diamond core drill which I suspect is what you had in mind. I'll leave a posting here to let you know how I got on.
:LOL: I had the same situation, I fixed it by moving house. Seriously though the only thing I've found that'll touch flint is a diamond coated drill bit, anything else, forget it.
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Just to update anyone who may be following this thread. I've tried the diamond drill and it does work, but very slowly. OK if you've only got 2 or 3 holes to drill but not if you have several (like me). So its back to the traditional method and hope I find the mortar joints cooperate! I reckon it would take me about an hour to drill a hole deep enough to take a rawlplug, and probably it would trash the bit as well despite copious amounts of water.
Well, I'd say your drill wasn't up to it, but flint is flipping hard to drill through.

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