In the name of efficiency ?

24 Dec 2014
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United Kingdom
We're having an extension to a room reconciled slightly, with an increase to floor area of, oh, 7m^2.

Building Control has this wonderful inclusion on their queries, with regards to our (gas) heating:

confirm the existing system will be calibrated and adjusted to be energy efficient and a copy of the commissioning certificate passed to Building Control on completion.​

The BCO was entirely unable to explain what this meant in practice. I.E: what task is going to be performed for my benefit and hard-earned cash to deliver a piece of paper that only patrons of the certification racket can produce.

It's hardly like they'll be able to superglue down the rad temperature control and eco button? Trying to pick a flow temperature is futile anyway - it's a 1yo greenstar combi, but it has 2 zones with radically different building fabrics (a house and a detached flat), and the house has evohome programmable individual per-radiator thermostats.
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Well your boiler is one of the most efficient on the market.

When it was fitted the installer should have filled in the Benchmark certificate at the back of the manual. A copy of that might suffice.

Note it needs servicing if a year old to keep the warranty going.

Good point, he did and it's in the kitchen drawer somewhere. Thanks.

I don't mind paying for stuff where there's actual specialist skill and/or equipment required. When 'calibrated and adjusted to be energy efficient' seems to amount to 'wave imaginary magic wand, charge fee, issue certificate,' I start getting suspicious.

I may go with "here's the commissioning certificate. There are no further settings that would make it any more efficient that are not already available to the end user". It's this bizarre bit of L1B that says if you're adding floor area you need to have your heating "recommissioned" (despite the fact I'm not adding any radiators!). I seem to remember there's a bit of the regulations if (e.g) you've got electric heating and there's "nothing to calibrate".
If it has Evo it is miles ahead of the pack. Just say yes, BCO doesn't understand what they are asking for.
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Many BCOs have little understanding of heating topics.

But like all Council employees they have to cover their back!

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