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10 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
I had this little wall built and I want to fit a black wrought iron gate. The wall at its smallest width is just under 85cm. Here is what I think I need to attach it to the bricks and I was just wondering what size of gate I need based on these? Thanks in advance!



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Apparently it is 25mm from the flat plate to the centre of the pin.
So, rough calculation, 8500, (85cm) minus 25mm = 847.5mm from opening side to centre of mounting hole, minus 25mm clearance on the opening side means you are looking for a gate roughly 84.5cm or 845mm
Warning! These are only rough measurements and are measures from the opening side to the centre of the pin mounting hole.
You will also need to decide where you will put the catch hook and this may affect the width of the gate.
For £12 I would buy them, have someone hold one against one wall and then measure the distance across to the other wall, but don't forget to allow for clearance on the other side or the gate may scrape against the wall.
Are you buying the gate 'off the peg' or considering having it made to order?
If it's being made for you simply get the person making it to come out and take their own measurements or show them your measurements between the walls.
Most of the "wrought iron style" garden gates are sold including hinges/latches, and the width is by the gap they have to fit, not the actual width of the gate.
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I sent a message with the image of the wall I posted above to the seller about one of these gates (they come with the hinges/latches)

and he responded with this. Does that sound right?

“the gate the needs to be made 750 so just order the one you want and leave a note and we will make it to size”
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Don't know why he's saying it needs to be 750 when you have an 850 gap. This would leave you with a 50mm, (2"), gap either side. Seems a bit large to me to be honest.
The smallest size the do is 800-840
Don't know why he's saying it needs to be 750 when you have an 850 gap. This would leave you with a 50mm, (2"), gap either side. Seems a bit large to me to be honest.
The smallest size the do is 800-840
Because it's a cheap fits all supplier. You get what you pay for. When you build the opening without considering the gate you have in mind you either have to suck it up and get one made to fit or buy one off the shelf that actually fits and with the second option unless its a standard opening (apparently it's not) you have to make do with whatever you can find available.
You do indeed. But unfortunately I’m not in the financial position to spend £400 on an iron gate
Yes I have googled it for more than half a minute. Unfortunately that gate is too big as are the ones on Wayfair. Cheers
If the hinge side is not perfectly vertical you'll need adjustable hinges or spacers behind the hinges to get it vertical.
I’m just going to build a pickett gate. This is a bit of a mare tbh. Thanks for all your help.
A 750mm wide gate sounds about bang on, you'd need a minimum of a few inches for the latch, latch plate, hinges etc. In the past with one of those gates I bought longer eyebolts to make it work.

The cheap metal gates you get online/catalogue are "ok", they do the job, but they're nothing like the iron gates of back in the day! They're mild steel, fairly lightweight, sometimes the welds will need a rub with a file, and the cheap ones aren't galvanised, they're painted or powder coated, so any chips will rust.
Thanks. Yeah I mean its more for the effect of a black iron gate I'm totally aware its cheap tat but beggars can't be choosers and all that.

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