Israel banned from Eurovision Song Contest

I doubt the Israelis will give a toss what the Irish think of them :rolleyes:
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In recent years, Darom Adom has drawn over 400,000 visitors...although the festival was canceled this year. While charred remains of trees still dot the landscape, riots of red flowers peak out from between the slender trunks of new eucalyptus saplings. A few weeks ago, relatives of those killed at the music festival planted trees on the Jewish holiday honoring trees.

Nearby, a memorial at the music festival site has photos of the victims arranged on stands in a semi-circle around a stage, as if they were dancing together. It’s become a pilgrimage site for visitors to grapple with the aftermath of the bloodiest day in Israel’s history.

The blooms are a symbol of resilience for Palestinians as well as Israelis. Palestinian artwork features the red flowers, whose black-and-white center and green leaves are the colors of the Palestinian flag. In 2013, an Israeli conservation group ran a popular vote that named the red anemone Israel’s national flower.

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